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J-Presenter Description
Reinvent the way you present information on your website with J-Presenter, our fully customizable Joomla Flash module.

J-Presenter allows you to combine text, images, colors, flash movies to create a new sliding effect that will make the most of your content.

This Joomla 1.5 flash module is easy to use, you can manage it through the module parameters in the Joomla backend:

Among the features:
  • create up to 10 slides
  • use any type of image(jpg,png,gif,bmp, etc...)
  • modify the size(width & height) according to your needs
  • play swf files in one slide
  • present up to ten news items (can be expanded on request)
  • Supports UTF 8 (allows you have have different char sets)
  • adjust slide properties: slide time, background image, text, text effects
  • adjust text properties: color, font, size
and many more...

We have included this flash module in our joomla templates. If you want to see how this module can fit into a template you can access